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Do you have additional questions about the NanoNap kit? You will find your answers here:

When will the headband be available?2021-03-11T14:06:40+01:00

It’s available! We launched our headband in 2021. You need to register to a Beta test to be able to enjoy the experience.

How much is the NanoNap Headband?2020-12-18T13:50:58+01:00

We will launch the product with a monthly subscription of 100€.
It will include the Headband, the service of a personal coach to lead you to be productive and do more, and perfect after-sales customer care as well as a guarantee.
We want to make sure that you do not feel overwhelmed and this is why we give you the opportunity to feel free to make your decisions where there is no engagement, you can stop it every time you want.

Are there any medical constraints?2020-12-15T17:44:28+01:00

No, there is no interference with your medical conditions! Our solution is completely natural and produces less electrical stimulation than your brain is doing, you will not have any side-effects.

How does Nanonap manage the collected data by the headband?2020-12-18T15:53:10+01:00

We are all about privacy! All collected data is owned by you and only connected to your personal account in the application and website. We are encrypting your data on our server to ensure the safeguard of your personal information.

Who is it suitable for?2020-12-15T17:46:23+01:00

One word: EVERYBODY. We all want to step up ourselves, be more productive to realize our dreams, have enough energy to reach our goals or a particular situation (exam, competition etc…), improving yourself isn’t easy, but we want to give you a part of the solution. The rest will only depend on your mind.

What is NanoNap’s stance in terms of environmental impact?2020-12-18T16:30:38+01:00

NanoNap solution is ultimately about creating a healthy lifestyle which in fact reflects on the environment as well. Currently wer are exploring avenues to produce the headband in a sustainable manner and to provide eco-friendly packaging.

What if I’m not satisfied with the product?2020-12-15T17:48:01+01:00

This is exactly for this reason that we sell you the product as a subscription ! You will test the product and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you just have to stop the subscription and send back the product. Obviously, if you have a material or technical trouble, we’ll change and repair it as soon as possible.

Where can I see user testimonies?2020-12-18T15:49:01+01:00

You will find this on the « Technology page » just here. Otherwise, you could see this video showing the result of our Beta-Party.

What if I want to troubleshoot any technical issues with my device?2020-12-18T15:53:52+01:00

Don’t worry, our team is hard at work to solve any problem. In your personal account you have a platform for customer service. Just tell us the problem and we will change your device or repair it.

Is there a user guide that comes with the product?2020-12-18T16:25:45+01:00

Absolutely and it contains information about the product including how to put the headband correctly, how to use it with the application, and everything else that you might need to know.

What is the estimated time of delivery?2020-12-18T15:45:37+01:00

It will depend on the day that you will order. Once your order has been dispatched, on average, you will receive it between 2 to 5 day in France, between 5 and 10 day in Europe and between 8 and 21 days in Intercontinental delivery.

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