September 2020

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Who are you and where do you come from?

I grew up in Paris and I am studying numerical systems since I’m passionate about Technical application and product optimization. I’m a Tech enthusiast.

What is your role at NanoNap?

I am a hardware development apprentice.  I am working on prototype development with the engineering team. I am also helping with prototype testing and debugging.

For you, what is NanoNap?

For me, Nanonap is a solution to know more about ourselves, to rest efficiently, to get the best of our everyday lives with an increase by 20% of our cognitive performance, and thereupon  to be more productive.

How would you describe the technology that is been used in NanoNap?

The technology is innovative, simple, efficient. You get the analysis of your sleep, you get up early and you have a cognitive boost.

How has it been working with NanoNap remotely with COVID-19?

I have a great feeling, working remotely with the team, I think being able to adapt is important as our planet keeps on evolving every day.

Did you already have trouble sleeping?

Yes, I used to have a life balance, but then ut became completely unbalanced. This is when I discovered how important it was, and how sleeping is part of it.

The second reason is the screens which are hard to quit at bedtime.

What do you do to improve your sleep on a daily basis?

I try to reduce my pulse by concentrating on a deep breath and to quit the screen early. I think what helped thd most was when I recently tested our prototype and got the benefit of a good sleep.

For you, what is the future of NanoNap?

I think it will help people to achieve more and sleep less, learn about themselves and it’s promising for the future of Nanonap.

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