NanoNap is a neurostimulation device that uses some of the world’s most advanced stimulation for brain health and performance. It is the first brain-booster developed to meet the unique needs of top-level gamers.

It currently focuses on sleep enhancement using Transcranial Electrical Stimulation and provides a boost unrivaled by standard sleep devices. In other words, it’s a game-changer.


Your brain is electricity-powered. In fact, your whole body uses electricity as a kind of internet: it transfers information from neuron to neuron. Everything that we smell, hear, see, feel and touch must be converted to an electrical signal to be transmitted and processed by our brain. Most of the time it works like a charm, especially if you don’t ask too much, like an old wifi network for example. YouTube, e-mail, maybe a video chat or two, that’s good enough and works well in wifi.
But what if you want to do a little more and, let’s say, that you play a ranked game? For sure it will work well enough, except this little time when you lagged and got ganked. This very annoying event happens very often, especially without good wifi coverage.

Your brain is exactly like this. Everything works well most of the time for light usage, but as soon as you try to do some heavy stuff, you are really touching the limit of your own wifi network and could use some help. Introducing: Transcranial electrical stimulation (tES).

Transcranial Electrical Stimulation, an 19th century tech

Alessandro Volta reported the successful treatment of patients suffering from melancholia using direct low-intensity currents in 1804, yeah, that’s pretty old.

One century of limited usage

Tons of studies and experiments helped to understand how our brain is working, and why some stimulation works while others don’t.

Because of tech limitations, it couldn’t compete with modern drugs. Swallowing a pill being so much easier than using tons of sensors, electrodes, power generators, and human fine-tuning. But I was still used for specific cases and studies before gaining more interest in the late 90s when drugs’ side effects became more and more problematic.

AI powered revolution

Everything that made electrostimulation so unpractical is now gone. We now have microelectronics, nanosensors, high-capacity micro-batteries, and of course AI to replace human fine-tuning. Multiple ADHD drug scandals raised the awareness against drugs’ side effects and opened a new horizon of more natural ways to help homo sapiens keep up in our fast-paced knowledge-based world.


So now you know that it’s old tech, what’s new with NanoNap?

To put it simply, NanoNap is an AI-powered sensors platform that can stimulate your brain using electricity. Our first stimulation is about sleep and especially deep sleep. This sleep phase is when our brain is regenerating and rebuilding its connexions. These connection degradations are responsible for the lack of focus, hallucinations, and stress sensibility that we experience when we are really tired.

Having good regeneration is mandatory to be healthy and efficient, and naturally, your brain will try to get the best it can, trying multiple times which translates into many sleep cycles. But even with its best effort, it’s not perfect, and with some help, we can do a lot better, 20% better.

20% more efficiency, really?

It’s really hard to measure “a good sleep”, and to compare it between different people, especially without an electroencephalogram( EEG) or something. But what is really easy to measure is your performance and especially memory and reactivity performance.

In our mobile app, you have access to some simple tests that you can use to evaluate how much more efficient you are. Our tests come from fatigue evaluation standards. One of these tests is a standard memory test: you learn 50-word associations (eg city: Chicago) before going to sleep, and you try to recall as many as possible when you wake up. You just have to compare your performance between a stimulated night and a standard one and you have your improvement.

To be rigorous, you should train until you don’t see a significant progression in your performance, then sleep with NanoNap, and compare. This way, you avoid the training effect on performance. You can activate the placebo program so you won’t know if you are stimulated with the right stimulation, and see the results, avoiding the placebo effect. That’s how we proved that it works, with 19,8% memory improvement for millennials.

Results in a 40 person trial using tACS on Standard Working Memory Test

Energy generated in the brain over 15 minutes

So you’re basically electrocuting me?

Yes! But with 10 000 times less energy than a simple phone call, and 100 000 times less than your natural brain function. It’s just a little boost to help your brain, and it works only if it’s in the right state. 4000 studies and 100 000 users over a century proved that it’s safe, bulletproof safe! TES is cleared for use on healthy people by the FDA.